Replacing Acer E5-476G LCD

I have Acer Aspire E5-476G which the LCD screen has a white screen on a quarter of it.
It also has vertical lines.
It is a common problem in Acer.
I never encounter an LCD problem in Dell after using it for 6 years

After searching, I found that it has 2 types.
HD 1366×768 Glossy or FHD 1920×1080 Matte
The price difference on AliExpress is only $3, but I can’t wait for 1 month if shipping from China.

I try to fix myself because Repair Shop charges me double of the LCD price.
Which is in between $50-$70 range

After searching on Youtube, I think I can do myself.
But I have a backup plan too. Which is find a local store with the cheapest LCD price and cheapest installation fee.
Installation fee only $3.5
So I bought from a local store. HD type only $32
I have 2 options, which are doing it myself and save $3.5 or let the shop do it for me.

If I do it myself, I’ll have experience on it and will be useful if the same thing happens next time


-Phillips screwdrivers
-guitar plectrum ( a small triangle plastic). You can use any thin plastic actually (ATM or CC card)