Ruckus ICX Rollback

I am curios on how to do rollback config in Ruckus when you didn’t cancel the job anything within 1hr.
That feature is standard in Juniper since long time a go
That is useful when you do remotely. In case you miss configure something like netmask that causing you disconnected and impossible for you to reconnect unless you console manually.

After post my question into Ruckus forum, Ruckus employee said that feature is not available.

Got an idea from how Aruba did rollback.
Two things I need to solve which are alias and cron job.
Smarter guy answer my post and here the steps although not perfect enough

to create an alias
#conf t
#alias bkup=copy flash flash file startup-config backup
#alias restor=copy flash flash file backup startup-config
to create a cron job
#conf t
#batch buffer 1 &
#restor &
#execute batch 1 after 00:00:01
#sh batch schedule
Batch buffer 1 will be executed 0 days 0 hours 0 minutes 52 seconds from now
NOTE:can’t put reload on batch

to reload after 2min
#reload 00:00:02
Those steps achieve my goal but almost perfect because
1. I can’t put reload in batch (see notes above), that’s why I need to put batch and reload in consecutive order

2. will be better if I can copy backup to running-config directly
I can do that but not affect current running-config
for example
current hostname SW1
wr me
copy startup-config to backup
change hostname to SW2
copy backup to running-config
those wont change my running hostname

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