How to save running-config to a text file

# copy run flash:STAN.txt
make changes

# configure replace flash:STAN.txt

# copy flash:STAN.txt run
Its actually merge the config but not replace it


enable archive and rollback which will rollback the old configuration if not confirmed (Just like in Junos)
# conf t
# (config) archive
# (config) path flash:STAN
# (config) end
-first archive
# archive config
# show archive
The maximum archive configurations allowed is 10.
There are currently 1 archive configurations saved.
The next archive file will be named flash:STAN-<timestamp>-1
Archive #  Name
   1        flash:STAN-Feb-15-02-28-02.841-0 <- Most Recent
-make changes
-save 2nd archive
# archive config
# show archive
-two archive listed then choose which archive you want to revert to
# configure replace flash:STAN-Feb-15-02-28-02.841-0 revert trigger timer 10
after 10min running-config will be reverted to STAN-Feb-15-02-28-02.841-0
# configure replace flash:STAN-Feb-15-02-28-02.841-0 revert trigger

if you want to immediately revert to target archive

send either the startup or running config to a TFTP, FTP or SCP server
# copy running-config archive:
# copy running-config flash:
# copy running-config flash0:
# copy running-config flash1:
# copy running-config flash2:
# copy running-config flash3:
# copy running-config ftp:
# copy running-config tftp:
# copy running-config scp:
# copy running-config http:

# copy running-config https:

enable session> logging in putty using connection properties
term len 0
sh run
in this way all the file is placed without need to press for next page
then you stop logging and you have your file.
to have again pages type:
term len 25

putty saves an header with date and time at the beginning after that you have clean text file.

go to file then click on log session then save the file with .txt extension

thay way your config file will be saved in text format

using Ansible
SolarWInds NCM

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