Creating Metasploitable 3 vm

  1. Packer
  2. Vagrant
  3. VirtualBox
  4. Metasploitable 3
  1. Vagrant
  2. Virtualbox
Unzip Metasploitable 3
move packer.exe into Metasploitable 3 folder
run PowerShell
> cd C:\Users\user1\Downloads\metasploitable3-master
> .\packer.exe build .\windows_2008_r2.json
You will see
> vagrant plugin install vagrant-reload
> vagrant box add –name metasploitable3
> vagrant up
Metasploitable 3 will automatically imported into VirtualBox and started the vm

-To convert Metasploitable 3 vm VirtualBox into VMware
open VirtualBox
shutdown Metasploitable 3 vm
click once Metasploitable 3 vm
click File/Export Appliance
choose metasplotable and set Fortmat: OVF 1.0
click Export with vm name metasploitable3.ova
open VMware
click File/Open
choose metasploitable3.ova
when it ask to Retry, click Retry

List of Metasplotable 3 vulnerabilities

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