How to enable https web authentication

This just for your knowledge.
For security reason, don’t enable this function

R1#sh run
hostname R1
interface Ethernet0/0
 ip address
aaa new-model
aaa authentication login default local
ip domain-name
username cisco privilege 15 password 0 c1$c0
ip http authentication local
ip http secure-server

#show ip http server status
HTTP server status: Disabled
HTTP server port: 80
HTTP server active supplementary listener ports:
HTTP server authentication method: local
HTTP server digest algorithm: md5
HTTP server access class: 0
HTTP server base path:
HTTP server help root:
Maximum number of concurrent server connections allowed: 5
Server idle time-out: 180 seconds
Server life time-out: 180 seconds
Maximum number of requests allowed on a connection: 1
Server linger time : 60 seconds
HTTP server active session modules: ALL
HTTP secure server capability: Present
HTTP secure server status: Enabled
HTTP secure server port: 443
HTTP secure server ciphersuite: 3des-ede-cbc-sha des-cbc-sha rc4-128-md5 rc4-128-sha
HTTP secure server client authentication: Disabled
HTTP secure server trustpoint:
HTTP secure server active session modules: ALL


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