C56P Basic Setup

-Upgrade Firmware
login to your ip phone GUI
check current firmware version in the GUI
before upgrade Version:
go to MAINTENANCE > UPDATE > Web Update

after upgrade Version: 2.3.785.400

-to change default GUI to https

NOTE: C56 didn’t support HTTPS GUI

-how to allow GUI from certain ip


-how to hear voicemail after press voicemail button
MWI=Message Waiting Indication
in Yeastar


-How to reset lost password
if your LCD password is lost , you could set it in the follow web page . If your web access password is lost , you should do the factory reset in LCD (menu-settings-Advanced Settings – Reset to Default ) . If both are lost
power off
hold #
power on
press *#168 in POST Mode
power off/on


-to Speed up user dial without have to press #SEND key
20160901 20.05

-how to key in sip userid and password into the phone directly

I am going to other room and I want to login using my userid into that room phone. Once I don’t need that phone, I just need to logout.
Its called Hot Desk. At present only supported by C58, C62, C66, C600
It is a function named Agent . You could get the operation in http://www.fanvil.com/images/user/2014050805.pdf

-to call an extension and force immediate pickup (phone will automatically go to speaker phone). Audio will be two-way

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