Integrating AD into Phonebook

I want to have central location of Phonebook for all SIP clients.
In this scenario, I want to store all user ipphone and mobile information in AD
  1. Download and run ADExplorer from
    his will be useful to locate AD user syntax, such as CN, OU, DN, etc
  2. Configure service account svcphone
    This svcphone will only have READ permission on POC OU
    open ADUC
    create svcphone, user1, user3, user3 account
  1. Delegate READ permission for svcphone a/c in POC OU
    right click POC OU/Delegate Control
    click Next
    in Users or Groups, click Add, search svcphone
    click OK, click Next 2x
    click Create a custom task to delegate
    click Next
    click Only the following objects in the folder. Tick User objects
    click Next
    in Permissions, tick General, tick Read
    click Next, click Finish
  2. Configure SIP clients
    click Tools/Options/Advanced/Contact sources/LDAP configuration
    click +
    click Save

    click Tools/Accounts
    click Add
    Network SIP
    SIP id 1001
    tick Remember password
    click Advanced
    Display name 1001 Image.png

    Now if search user phone

    I can’t test yet because I don’t have Yealink phone

    I can’t test because I don’t have Zoiper Business

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