3400 Basic Config

L: admin
# clock set 2016 january 10 20 35 00
(config) # ip name-server
(config) #clock timezone GMT +7
(config) #ntp server
-adding license
(config) #license add Qk2xOyvN-+35poVEz-5fHDA7fS-UzoWBNB9-ifi5jF0F-eC8
The limit for Access Points has been constrained to the platform limit [256]
#show license
License Table
Key                                               Installed    Expires     Flags  Service Type
—                                               ———    ——-     —–  ————
Qk2xOyvN-+35poVEz-5fHDA7fS-UzoWBNB9-ifi5jF0F-eC8  2016-01-10   2016-02-09         Access Points: 512
                                                  21:12:03[1]  21:12:03
License Entries: 1
Flags: A – auto-generated; E – enabled; R – reboot required to activate
click Configuration/Network/Controller/License Management/Licenses
copy and paste the license into “Add New License Key”
(config) #interface vlan 1
(config-subif)#ip address
Switch IP Address is Modified. Switch should be rebooted now
(config) #ip default-gateway
(config) #write memory

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