3CX PBX Server 12.5 Installation


-Register in dns 3cx.poc.com

-In Firewall Rule allow incoming wan port forwarding to 3cx server ip
5060-5061 -> 3cx server ip
5090 -> 3cx server ip
9000-9100 -> 3cx server ip

-Download 3cx Server from

-Install 3cx Server software
click 2x 3CXPhoneSystem125.exe

12-Aug 09.05.53

12-Aug 09.06.05

12-Aug 09.06.23

12-Aug 09.06.37

12-Aug 09.06.57
12-Aug 09.07.30
12-Aug 09.08.33
12-Aug 09.08.45
12-Aug 09.15.54

12-Aug 09.16.31

12-Aug 09.16.18

12-Aug 09.16.42

12-Aug 09.17.32

12-Aug 09.17.52

12-Aug 09.18.27

12-Aug 09.18.59

12-Aug 09.19.45

12-Aug 09.20.35

12-Aug 09.21.01

12-Aug 09.21.17

-Open 3cx web console

-Set the ports
click Settings/Network/Ports

-Modify International Dial Code
click Settings/Advanced

-Create SIP trunk
In my test, I test http://www.didlogic.com and http://www.hoiio.com.
Between those, didlogic is far better than hoiio in terms of price, support and security.

DIDLogic SIP settings:
click VoIP Providers
click Add Provider
12-Aug 18.41.03

12-Aug 19.08.06

12-Aug 19.28.26

12-Aug 19.24.59

HOIIO SIP settings:
click VoIP Providers
click Add Provider

12-Aug 19.11.05


12-Aug 19.16.03

12-Aug 19.30.03

12-Aug 19.24.59


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