Hacking Cisco ISE 1.4

NOTE: This for evaluation purposes only and can use VMware Workstation 11 or ESXi 5 above

Download flex_ISE_1.x.x.rar from Internet
extract and copy flex content into FAT32 pen drive
insert pen drive into your pc
-download Cisco ISE and Centos LiveCD
-install Cisco ISE
-set vm boot options to 7000
-add CD/DVD drive and USB Controller into ISE vm

-power on ISE vm
-configure ISE
-connect pen drive to ISE vm
-connect to Centos LiveCD
-press Esc within 7s or Ctrl-All-Insert to reboot and try press Esc again
-click Troubleshooting
-click Rescue a CentOS system
click Continue to begin Installation
click OK 2x

# cd /mnt/sysimage
# mkdir usb
# mount /dev/sdb1 usb
# cp usb/flexlm-10.9.jar ./opt/CSCOcpm/upgrade/javalib/flexlm-10.9.jar
# cp usb/flexlm-10.9.jar ./opt/CSCOcpm/appsrv/apache-tomcat-ca-7.0.42/webapps/caservice-webapp/WEB-INF/lib/flexlm-10.9.jar
# cp usb/flexlm-10.9.jar ./opt/CSCOcpm/appsrv/apache-tomcat-ca-7.0.42/webapps/ocsp-responder-webapp/WEB-INF/lib/flexlm-10.9.jar
# cp usb/flexlm-10.9.jar ./opt/CSCOcpm/appsrv/apache-tomcat-7.0.42/lib/flexlm-10.9.jar
# reboot
disconnect Centos LiveCD and pen drive

login: setup
Enter hostname[]: ise
Enter IP address[]:
Enter IP netmask[]:
Enter IP default gateway[]:
Enter default DNS domain[]: poc.com
Enter primary nameserver[]:
Add secondary nameserver? Y/N [N}:
Enter NTP server[time.nist.gov]:
Add another NTP server? Y/N [N}:
Enter system timezone[UTC]: Jakarta
Enable SSH service? Y/N [N]: y
Enter username[admin]:
Enter password:
Enter password again:

Here will take about 15min to get https active
open FireFox and go to
click Administration/Licensing
scroll to the bottom and copy Serial Number (SN)
open Basic and Advance license file in your pen drive with NotePad++
replace all 4L4CAAMFHJ6 with your Serial Number above and save
back to Administration/Licensing, click Import License and import both Basic and Advance license
delete existing Evaluation license

8 thoughts on “Hacking Cisco ISE 1.4

  1. Great article on this… May I know which 1.4 build you are using as I have tried with and unable to find CSCOcpm directory. Thanks.

  2. You need to boot from Centos liveCD.

    # cd /mnt/sysimage
    # mkdir usb
    mount pendrive into usb
    # mount /dev/sdb1 usb
    copy flexlm from usb folder into ./opt/CSCOcpm
    # cp usb/flexlm-10.9.jar ./opt/CSCOcpm/upgrade/javalib/flexlm-10.9.jar
    that one is dot slash not just slash opt

  3. Hi, lool, great instruction. Just one question is left: where can i find the serial number to copy it in the Administration/licensing? I have searched all over the web for it,and I found nothing!

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