PLM 10.5.2 Installation

Download from Cisco

Create dns entry for PLM (A and PTR record)

Prepare PLM bootable iso

Deploy cucm template
From ESXi console click menu File/Deploy OVF Template
open cucm_10.5_vmv8_v1.8.ova

click PLM vm/Edit Settings/
click Options/Advanced/Boot Options
We have 2 options there. Either increase “Power on Boot Delay: to 7000 or tick “Force BIOS Setup”
Power on PLM vm
connect Bootable_CiscoPrimeLM_64bitLnx_10.5.2.10000-6.sgn.iso

31-Jul 09.16.27

31-Jul 09.17.36

31-Jul 09.18.42

31-Jul 09.19.46

31-Jul 09.20.00

31-Jul 09.20.24

31-Jul 09.20.52

31-Jul 09.21.06

31-Jul 09.21.20

31-Jul 09.21.51

31-Jul 09.22.11

31-Jul 09.22.28

31-Jul 09.23.28

31-Jul 09.24.06

31-Jul 09.24.39

31-Jul 09.25.32

31-Jul 09.25.58

31-Jul 09.27.27


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