CUCM 10.5.2 Installation

Download from Cisco

Create dns entry for cucm (A and PTR record)

Prepare CUCM bootable iso

Deploy cucm template
From ESXi console click menu File/Deploy OVF Template
open cucm_10.5_vmv8_v1.8.ova
Importing ova is the only way to make vmware tool running on CUCM vm.
Attaching CUCM vmdk to other vm will make vmware tools no running
Neither upgrading vm Virtual Hardware

click CUCM vm/Edit Settings/
click Options/Advanced/Boot Options
We have 2 options there. Either increase “Power on Boot Delay: to 7000 or tick “Force BIOS Setup”
Power on cucm vm
connect Bootable_UCSInstall_UCOS_10.5.2.12901-1.sgn.iso

29-Jul 12.53.31
click Skip
29-Jul 12.57.02
29-Jul 12.57.28
29-Jul 12.57.46
29-Jul 12.58.13
29-Jul 12.58.29
29-Jul 12.58.57
29-Jul 12.59.13
29-Jul 12.59.27
29-Jul 12.59.39
29-Jul 13.00.24
29-Jul 13.00.40
29-Jul 21.10.12
29-Jul 13.01.55
29-Jul 13.03.34
29-Jul 13.03.47
29-Jul 13.04.05
29-Jul 13.04.31
29-Jul 13.06.54
If you have smtp server then click Yes
29-Jul 13.07.20
29-Jul 13.07.54
29-Jul 13.08.19

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