Setting up Basic Web Server Load Balance

-Give F5 vm 4 NICs card
-check each NIC card vlan id and MAC address
DMZ: vlan 15 00:0c:29:f9:86:f9
SVR: vlan 20 00:0c:29:f9:86:03
HA: vlan 40 00:0c:29:f9:86:0d
MGMT: vlan 100 00:0c:29:f9:86:ef
-go to Network/Interfaces/Interface List and note down each MAC address belong to which interface.
For example DMZ= vlan 15 00:0c:29:f9:86:f9
-create VLAN for each interface
-create a Self IPs for each Interface
-create PoolWWW
go to Local Traffic/Pools/Pool List
click Create
-set Node Health Monitor to “Node Specific” icmp
go to Local Traffic/Nodes
click WWW1
set Configuration/Health Monitor to Node Specific
Select Monitor icmp
click Update
do the same to WWW2
-create VsWWW Virtual Server
go to Local Traffic/Virtual Servers
click Create
Name: VsWWW
Type: Standard
Destination Address:
Service Port 80 HTTP
Notify Status to Virtual Address: ticked
Configuration: Basic
Protocol: TCP
Protocol Profile (Client): tcp
Protocol Profile (Server): (Use Client Profile)
VLAN and Tunnel Traffic: All VLANs and Tunnels
Source Address Translation: Auto Map
Default Pool: PoolWWW
Open your browser and go to
Press Ctr-F5 to refresh

-set hostname
#tmsh modify sys global-settings hostname

-Create VLANs
#tmsh create net vlan DMZ interfaces add {1.1}
#tmsh create net vlan SVR interfaces add {1.2}

-Create Self IPs
#tmsh create net self allow-service add { icmp:any } vlan DMZ
#tmsh create net self allow-service add { icmp:any } vlan SVR

-Create node
#tmsh create / ltm node WWW1 {address monitor icmp}
#tmsh create / ltm node WWW2 {address monitor icmp}

-Create PoolWWW Pool
# tmsh create ltm pool PoolWWW load-balancing-mode round-robin members add {WWW1:80 WWW2:80} monitor http

-Create VsWWW Virtual Server
#tmsh create ltm virtual VsWWW destination profiles add {tcp http} pool PoolWWW snat automap

-Save the config
#tmsh save sys config

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