Configuring Ubiquiti Bullet M2 Titanium

NOTE: never turn on ubiquiti without antenna plugged in
-set your pc ip to 192.168.1.x
L: ubnt
P: ubnt
-upgrade firmware
download latest firmware from
go to System
click Upload Firmware: Choose File and point to downloaded firmware
click Upload
click Update

-change default password
go to System/System Accounts
Administrator Username: ubnt
Current Password:
New Password:
Verify New Password:
click Change
click Apply

-change Time Zone:
go to System
Time Zone: GMT+7

-enable NTP client
go to Services/NTP Client
tick Enable
NTP Server:

-set Wireless
set Channel Width to 20MHz to make it more compatible with most wireless adapter
enable MAC ACL if needed
-disable airMAX
click airMAX tab on the top left
untick Enable in airMAX Settings/airMAX

-set Network
I choose “SOHO Router” instead of Router because I want to NAT ip from LAN and distributed to WAN
   Router= the Ethernet port(s) are LAN and the Wireless is WAN
   SOHO Router= The Wireless (and second Ethernet) is LAN and the main Ethernet is WAN
limit traffic to 4Mb in traffic shaping

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