Alcatel-Lucent vSR-OS in GNS3


1. Download from
2. Extract and put sros-vm.qcow2 into C:\Users\user1\GNS3\Images
3. open GNS3 1.2.1
-click menu Edit/Preferences
click New
   Name: Alcatel
   Type: Default
   click Next
   Qemu binary: C:\Program Files\GNS3\qemu-2.1.0\qemu-system-x86_64w.exe
   RAM: 1920 MB
   click Next
   click Finish
click Alcatel
click Edit
click Network
   Adapter: 6
   Type: e1000
click Advanced settings
   click Additional settings
   Options: -smp 2
4. Drag Alcatel in GNS3
click Start button
5. After 5min, go to Console of Alcatel
6. Login as admin
Login: admin
Password: admin
7. Check card

A:vRR# show card state

Card State
Slot/  Provisioned Type                  Admin Operational   Num   Num Comments
Id         Equipped Type (if different)  State State         Ports MDA
1      (not provisioned)                 up    unprovisioned       0
A      sfm4-12                           up    up                      Active
B      sfm4-12                           up    down                    Standby
(not equipped)

8. Config a card
A:vRR# configure card 1
A:vRR>config>card# card-type “iom3-xp-b”
*A:vRR>config>card# no shutdown
*A:vRR>config>card# mda 1
*A:vRR>config>card>mda# mda-type
– mda-type <mda-type>
– no mda-type<mda-type>           : isa-aa|isa-bb|isa-tms|isa-tunnel|isa-video|m1-10gb|
m8-oc12/3-sfp|m8-oc3-sfp|vsm-cca|vsm-cca-xp*A:vRR>config>card>mda# mda-type “m20-1gb-xp-sfp”
*A:vRR>config>card>mda# no shutdown

9. check config file
A:vRR# show bof
BOF (Memory)
primary-image    cf3:\timos\both.tim
primary-config   cf3:\config.cfg
duplex           full
speed            100
wait             3
persist          off
no li-local-save
no li-separate
console-speed    115200

30 thoughts on “Alcatel-Lucent vSR-OS in GNS3

  1. I was having difficulties with this but resolved my issue by adding a space between the additional option for smp. It should be ‘-smp 2’

  2. Hello,
    I have followed the above process but the ALU 7750 takes long time to reboot. I guess it goes on rebooting and there is no login step as mentioned above.
    Please help me.

  3. Also I am running SR-OS and GNS3 in windows 8.1 host. Will this work in my windows system? Please suggest. I need this on urgent basis.

    • Hello,
      Thanks for the suggestion.
      Today I will install GNS 1.3.0 in my system and will try to check it. Could u please let me know from.where I can the downgraded gns3 version since the site contains the latest version.

  4. Hello Friend,
    I am very much thankful to help me in such difficult situation. It is working.
    May God bless you and Your family. So for running SR-OS-VM.qcow2 in windows system following conditions to be met:
    1. Install GNS3 1.3.0 VERSION — Very Important. can be downloaded from URL: In this download file: GNS3 1.3.0 all in one.exe
    2. Follow the installation process mentioned above in this site.

  5. When I am trying to take console, it showing an error message – (Alcatel-1) – Network error: Connection refused! (inactive)

    Any solution ?

  6. Hi
    I am unable to ping two SROS in GNS3 , i did all the configurations right but still its not , i connected 1/1/1 of both routers ,
    please advice .

  7. How to map the interface to the GNS?
    Why I see e0 & e1 port on GNS but from cli they are 1/1/1 – 5?
    How to connect to another device?

    Thank you very much.

  8. Hi!

    Heads up for the article. Everything worked like a charm. I would like to make one correction. The network adapters type should be “e1000” instead of the “i82557b”. Ping from the ALU router wasn’t working and I was going bonkers. Changed it to “e1000” and worked smoothly.

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