Blocking Tor Browser on Juniper SRX

Copy ips from
Download my Excel file and paste those ips into row A1!dFsAnDIT!9c6G42zTHtKOkNW7GsgbFK-jKfaXd4hRU35eFjeQTUo
Remove duplicate entries by selecting column A and B, then click menu DATA, click Remove Duplicate button
Copy all ips in column B

-create prefix-list TOR-LIST
# edit policy-options prefix-list TOR-LIST
# load merge terminal relative
[Type ^D at a new line to end input]
paste all ips from Excel here

-create firewall filter BLOCK-TOR
# edit firewall filter BLOCK-TOR
# set term TOR-LIST from source-prefix-list TOR-LIST
# set term TOR-LIST then syslog discard
# set term ALLOW-REST then accept

-add BLOCK-TOR filter into interface facing internet
# set interfaces ge-0/0/0.0 family inet filter input BLOCK-TOR
# commit


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