Reset to factory default

#erase startup-config
that only delete config but not vlan.
vlan in vlan.dat
# delete flash:vlan.dat
Delete filename [vlan.dat]?
# reload
System configuration has been modified. Save? [yes/no]: n
Proceed with reload? [confirm]

The difficulty with clearing a switch that is cabled to other switches is removing the VLANs. When the switch is finished reloading, it is possible for it to relearn VLANs from another connected switch that is in VTP server or client mode.
To determine if the VLANs have been relearned, use the show vlan command.
Switch# show vlan brief
However, if the show vlan command displays nondefault VLANs after you have deleted the vlan.dat file, your switch has learned the VLANs dynamically from another switch.
Switch# show vlan brief
VLAN Name Status Ports
—- ——————————– ——— ——————————-
1 default active Fa0/1, Fa0/2, Fa0/3, Fa0/4
Fa0/5, Fa0/6, Fa0/7, Fa0/8
Fa0/9, Fa0/10, Fa0/11, Fa0/12
Fa0/13, Fa0/14, Fa0/15, Fa0/16
Fa0/17, Fa0/18, Fa0/19, Fa0/20
Fa0/21, Fa0/22, Fa0/23, Fa0/24
Gi0/1, Gi0/2
10 OFFICE active
20 VOICE active
30 GUEST active
50 SERVERS active
100 MGMT active
200 TRANS active
900 NATIVE active
999 UNUSED active
1002 fddi-default act/unsup
1003 token-ring-default act/unsup
1004 fddinet-default act/unsup
1005 trnet-default act/unsup

To eliminate these VLANS, shut down all interfaces and remove the existing VLANs.
Switch(config)# interface range FastEthernet 0/1 – 24
Switch(config-if-range) # shutdown
Switch(config-if-range)# interface range GigabitEthernet 0/1 – 2
Switch(config-if-range) # shutdown
Switch(config-if-range) # exit
Switch(config) # no vlan 2-999
to delete config.text (config and password) from ROMMON
1. press Mode button within 15s
switch>delete flash:config.text

(config)# configure factory-default
If you didn’t specify ip address, then inside interface ip address will be

Cisco CAPWAP/LWAP Access Point

(tmos)#load sys config default
Reset the system configuration to factory defaults? (y/n)y
(tmos)#save sys config partitions all

# execute factoryreset

Reset lost admin password
SN: FGT-603907516189
L: maintainer
P: bcpbFGT-603907516189

The user can restore the factory default configuration either on the switch itself, or through the switch console.
To execute the factory default reset on the switch, perform these steps:
-Using pointed objects, simultaneously press both the Reset and Clear buttons on the front of the switch.
-Continue to press the Clear button while releasing the Reset button.
-When the Self Test LED begins to blink, release the Clear button.
-The switch will then complete its self test and begin operating with its configuration restored to the factory default settings.
To restore the factory default configuration using the console, execute the
(config)# erase startup-config
command from the console command prompt.

root@host# delete
root@host# load factory-default
root@host# set system root-authentication plain-text-password
root@host# commit and-quit
root@host> request system reboot

[admin@MikroTik] >/system reset-configuration


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