FortiGate appliance in VMWare Workstation

Fortinet vm available in Xen, HyperV, KVM version too.
FortiGate VM includes a limited embedded 15-day trial license if you run in VMWare Workstation and 75 days in ESXi that supports:
• 1 CPU maximum
• 1024 MB memory maximum
• low encryption only (no HTTPS administrative access)
• all features except FortiGuard updates
You cannot upgrade the firmware, doing so will lock the Web-based Manager until a license is
uploaded. Technical support is not included. The trial period begins the first time you start
-Check VMware vmnet number
click Start/Search/Network and Sharing Center
click Change adapter settings
right click View/Details
check VMnet port, below is VMnet1
22-Feb 15.33.53
change its ip to
-Change Virtual Network Editor
open VMware Workstation
open menu Edit/Virtual Network Editor
click Change Settings
follow like this
-download and install WIN7 vm with nic setting
Set its ip address to

-download and extract from

-open VMWare Workstation and click File/Open FortiGate-VM64.ovf
Set nic 1 to
Set nic 2 to
Set nic 3 till 10 to
-login as admin without password
FortiGate-VM64 login:
#config system interface
interface#edit port1
port1#set ip
port1#set allowaccess ping https ssh http fgfm snmp
port1#set alias “LAN”
interface#edit port2
port2#set ip
port2#set allowaccess ping
port2#set alias “WAN1”
#config router static
#edit 1
#set gateway
#set device port2
#config system dns
#set primary
#set secondary
#set domain “”
#set fwdintf “internal”
#config system ntp
config ntpserver
edit 1
set server “”
set ntpsync enable
set syncinterval 60
#config system dhcp server
edit “internal_dhcp_server”
set default-gateway
set dns-server1
set dns-server2
set domain “”
set end-ip
set interface “internal”
set netmask
set start-ip
#config firewall policy
edit 1
set srcintf “internal”
set dstintf “wan1”
set srcaddr “all”
set dstaddr “all”
set action accept
set schedule “always”
set service “ANY”
set nat enable
#config router static
edit 1
set device “wan1”
set gateway
#config system global
#set hostname FortiGate64
#set timezone 53
#set admin-ssh-grace-time 300
#set admin-lockout-duration 300
#set admin-lockout-threshold 1
if you didn’t specify admin-lockout-threshold, then you have maximum 3 attempts to login correctly
#config system admin
#edit admin
#set password newpassword
#show system interface
#execute update-now
#execute cfg save
Now open putty from WIN7 and ssh to
login as: admin
FortiGate-VM64 #
or from WIN7, because we can’t use https in trial mode, we need to open web gui using
Use trusted hosts to limit where administrators can log into the FortiGate unit from
1 Go to System > Admin > Administrators and Edit an administrator.
2 Select Restrict this Admin Login from Trusted Hosts Only.
3 Enter the Trusted Host IP addresses.

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